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Banking is a financial work generally done between the banker and the customer in a primary way of transaction of money. As we always know about banks that it gives money and it keeps money. This is right but not fully right according to the current strategies of banks. This rule is much backdated but also the main impediment of banking. Yes, bank also give and take money from the customers but this is not the only work of bank. This is only one part of banking. Now a day banks are very much dedicated to the customers in a way that they are trying to understand each and everybody’s needs and always serving to fulfill them. They are providing services according to the individual needs, business needs, commercial needs, corporate needs etc. Besides this every bank is now trying to provide the service of online banking as we know about the emergence of Internet and computerized system among us.

Now online banking is the online version of banking which can be done very easily through Internet. The whole process is thoroughly merged with a centrally controlled server system of the bank on which you can bank online. In this world, almost every bank is providing the service of online banking now a day. BMO bank is also offering online banking services with its other valued offerings to serve the customers. Online Banking is now being considered as a very effective banking method as it is very much convenient to work with it. So, we will know about the online banking services and their facilities afterwards. Now let’s take a look at the basic history of BMO Bank.

BMO Online Banking Sign in

BMO Bank :

BMO is a bank which is also known as the Bank of Montreal or BMO Financial Group. It is the fourth largest bank in Canada according to its deposits. It officially started its services in November 3, 1817. It was then situated in a rental house of Montreal, Quebec and was founded by John Richardson and eight merchants. In 1925 it established a merger contract with the Molson Bank. It also issued its own paper money like other Canadian charter banks. Then in 1980 it increased its ownership with an invested firm named Nesbitt Thompson, up to 60%. Today it is known with its acronym which is BMO and also a major international bank with a large network in Canada and around the world. Its headquarters are established in two places, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada known as the founder headquarter and another one is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. According to the records of 2011, it has earned revenue of $13.7 billion. And its net income is $3.2 billion. It has now 47,180 employees in this institution, serving the customers proudly all over its serving areas.

BMO has four different service packages available for different types of needs of clients. Personal services, Small business services, Commercial services and Corporate and Institutional services. In their personal banking they are providing services with bank accounts, credit card managements, mortgages, retirement saving plan, education savings plan, loans etc. For small businesses they have specialized banking, business loans, payroll services, small business resources, privacy and security. With the services of small business they have added cash management, investing, foreign exchange, resource services to arrange the commercial service plan. For the corporate and institutional services they have balance sheet, including foreign exchange, trade finance, treasury management, corporate lending, securitization, and public and private debt and equity underwriting services.


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As we have talked earlier in this article about BMO online banking services, now we are going to know about the services and available facilities for their customers Lets take at a look at those.

  1. Fast and easy transaction: BMO online baking provides the fastest and the easiest bill payment and transaction process through their services. You can do it only within just a few clicks from your laptop or computer by simply logging in to your account. BMO has organized their features that you can do it from your “My Accounts” page instantly.
  2. Quick access: Quick access is another excellent feature of BMO’s Internet banking services. You can quickly access o your accounts by using its stylish and effective site navigation. The site has all you need just in front of your eyes. So, you can quickly access to any of the access any arena of your banking options.
  3. Easy personalization: It also provides easy personalization of accounts. You can easily personalize your shortcuts for your easy access and travel through out the site easily through its own personalization method.
  4. Help Center service: BMO online banking also offers help center services for its customers to provide maximum satisfaction in case of any problems occur during account handling. In that case BMO’s customer help center is always with you.
  5. Easy navigation to payment requests: You can also have your payment and transaction requests available on the right side of the home page of your online bank account. By this easy feature you can always be updated about your payment and transaction options.
  6. Quick transfer options: Another exciting feature of BMO online banking is that it has quick transfer options for quick and easy transfer. Through this option you have to just fill up four blank box with your name, recipient’s name, transferable amount and date. And after that you can just transfer your money within a click.
  7. Manage your day to day finance: Managing the daily finance is an important task for every businessman. And now you can do it very easily with BMO’s online banking because they have added every options of your day to day finance within a single page to facilitate the customers.

So, these are the services available in BMO online banking and from the descriptions above we can understand that these services are very much convenient and also time saving. In today’s world time means everything, so you need to optimize your work schedule according to your time limit. And BMO is just so helpful to give you that option.